Diamond Select Launches Line of Planet of the Apes Mego Reproductions

Diamond Select’s line of Mego Star Trek reproductions was apparently so successful that they’re launching a line of Planet of the Apes reproduction as well. Like the Star Trek line, these use the same sculpts as the original Mego line.

The first figures to be released are Cornelius and the generic Soldier Ape. These are $18.99 each and should be out in June 2008.

Diamond Select’s Cornelius and Soldier Ape Mego Reproductions

Buffy Action Figures Go All Build-A-Figure

Taking a cue from the Marvel Legends series, Action-Figure.Com reports that Diamond Select will have a Build-A-Figure promotion with its upcoming Oz, Drusilla and Principal Wood figures. Each figure will contain a piece of The Judge (whom, you might remember, had to be assembled from dispersed pieces in the show). Grab them all and build The Judge.