Figures Toy Co. Superfriends Figures Series 2, 3 and 4

Figures Toy Company is now on its fourth wave of Superfriends Mego-style retro action figures. It would be cool to see a retro Legion of Doom playset for all these awesome villains.




Wonder Woman




The Riddler


The Flash


Green Lantern


El Dorado




Captain Cold


Black Vulcan





Captain Cold Prop Replica Freeze Gun

The CW’s The Flash is one of the few live action television shows that gets comic book super heroes right (Arrow is also good, but is marred by the constant flashback storytelling crutch — the show runners apparently have too much JJ Abrams on the brain). DC Collectibles is releasing a prop replica of the freeze gun used by the show’s version of Captain Cold. Just looking at it gives me chills.

Captain Cold Prop Replica Freeze Gun

Batman: Arkham City Mister Freeze Action Figure

I’ve always thought that Mister Freeze was one of the dumber Batman villains, but the Batman: Arkham City version won me over. The art direction on that game gave Freeze one of the best looking superhero/villain costumes of all time and this action figures captures that perfectly. Captain Cold, however, still sucks.


Batman: Arkham City Mister Freeze Action Figure