Swedish Supplier of Cats for Medical Research Closes

Several animal rights sites reported in late March that Sweden’s only supplier of cats for medical research had closed in part due to pressure put on it by animal rights extremists.

According to a release posted on the web site of Stop Hunting don Animal Cruelty and other animal rights sites,

In Sweden there is only one breeder of cats for vivisection in Halmstad, Sweden. They have a permit to breed 300 cats every year and had bred thousands of cats for torture.

The campaign “Radda Kuskatorpskatterna” had been started to close them down and on Tuesday 25th of March the news came that they had closed down.

. . .

They have closed thanks to the pressure from the animal rights movement and an attempted raid by the ALF to free all the cats. According to the police the breeders are really afraid.

According to this story, the owners euthanized all of the remaining cats and kittens before shutting down.


Sweden’s only cat farm closed!. Stop Huntingdon Cruelty, Press Release, March 30, 2003.

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