ALF/ELF Attack Spanish Mink Farm

The Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front took responsibility for a January 15, 2003 fire at a fur farm in Spain.

In a communique about the incident, the extremists responsible discuss how they first visited the site in 2002. Because there were dogs in the area where they wanted to firebomb, they settled for using bolt cutters to break into the area where the mink sheds were. When they entered the sheds, however, the cages were empty.

The communique continues,

Of course we returned some weeks later with a new plan. There was no wall, no fence or security strong enough to stop our determination in ending this aggression to the earth or to life.

Our second visit was a success and as we got closer to the farm we saw a group of hinds and deer gracing peacefully in the fields near the farm. We parked the vehicle in the same place as the first time and we went to Austwitch with four cans of kerosene. To get inside we used the same holes that were made the first time, we climbed the wall and we marked on it the exit holes with branches in case of possible problems. We ignited the incendiary devices and we took some photos.

A black cloud of smoke from the farm could be seen some miles away (the moon was near to full).

Whoever wrote that concludes with a flourish that the arson was “dedicated” to “the palestinian people . . . and Barry Horne.”


Spanish Mink Farm Fire – Communique! Arkangel, March 25, 2003.

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