Gary Gygax’s FBI File

Reason crime reporter C.J. Ciaramella filed a FOIA request for any FBI files on TSR Hobbies, the creators of Dungeons & Dragons. The incident is largely forgotten now, but the FBI actually raided the TSR offices in 1980 because its agents thought that a scenario in the Top Secret RPG was actually a real assassination plot.

Along with records related to that 1980 raid, the FBI sent him what was essentially¬†Gary Gygax’s FBI file¬†(PDF).

As Ciaramella summarizes the file in Reason,

An FBI source in the report alleges that Gygax was “eccentric and frightening,” carried a weapon, proudly responded to every letter he received from an inmate, and had a Liberian holding company. It concludes: “He is known to be a member of the Libertarian Party.”

. . .

In short, Gary Gygax wasn’t a snitch and fought the power.