Dungeons and Diversity Minis from Strata Miniatures

Strata Miniatures is releasing a line of 3d-printed miniatures it has dubbed Dungeons and Diversity. The line of 25mm miniatures features Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy heroes in combat wheelchairs.

The miniatures retail for 15 pounds (roughly US$20), or 5 pounds for an STL file that you can use to print your own.

Strata Miniatures - Elf Rogue
Strata Miniatures – Elf Rogue
Strata Miniatures - Teifling Cleric
Strata Miniatures – Teifling Cleric
Strata Miniatures - Human Druid
Strata Miniatures – Human Druid
Strata Miniatures - Dwarf Barbarians
Strata Miniatures – Dwarf Barbarians

Gold Box Companion

From 1988 to 1992, SSI released a series of turn-based Dungeons & Dragons games generally referred to collectively as “Gold Box” because of the gold-colored boxes in which most of the games were sold. Most of the games have been made available again on GoG.

Gold Box Companion is a tool that adds features to the Gold Box games such as automapping, journal entries, and some interface fixes. It also includes some features that essentially mod the game, such as a character editor, a save game editor, the ability to teleport to specific map locations, etc.

Dungeons & Dragons Mad Libs

Now this sounds like fun.

Play as a gnome, half-orc, or… TOASTER OVEN? Dungeons & Dragons is now officially a Mad Lib.

The world’s greatest role-playing game meets The World’s Greatest Word Game. Embark on a JIGGLY quest, ride PEACOCKS into battle, and enjoy 21 fill-in-the-blank stories based on Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeons & Dragons Mad Libs
Dungeons & Dragons Mad Libs