Katch The Kaiser, Win The War

Katch the Kaiser, Win the War was a World War I era puzzle/ball game,

This puzzle called “Katch the Kaiser, Win the War,” challenged players to catch the German Kaiser Wilhelm II, represented by a small black ball. Wilhelm was a favorite target of anti-German sentiment and often blamed for starting the war. This puzzle is an example of the patriotic propaganda used to motivate the Allies and demonize Germany.

Katch The Kaiser, Win The War Game
Katch The Kaiser, Win The War Game

19th Century Anti-Vaccination Propaganda–The Cow-Pock

This 1802 etching was created by James Gillray–called by some “the father of the political cartoon”–in 1802 for the Anti-Vaccine Society.

It depicts Edward Jenner administering administering a cowpox vaccine in order to immunize against smallpox. As the cowpox vaccine is received, the people in the room begin taking on the features of cows.

The Cow-Pock—or—the Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation! (1802)