Superman: Glowing Kryptonite and Book Kit

From what I’ve seen so far, Man of Steel looks like crap, (surely Warner Bros can do something with the franchise other than just remaking the Donner films over and over again) but at least it will bring a surfeit of Supes toys and tie-ins. This Superman: Glowing Kryptonite and Book Kit is going to retail for only $9.95 — count me in.


Superman: Glowing Kryptonite

Kryptonite Candy

When I’m bored, I tend to surf the Instructables RSS feed as the stuff that shows up there is simply amazing, like this Kryptonite Candy. Visit the link for complete instructions on making your own. Then, just wait for an unsuspecting Superboy to show up at your house for Halloween, and see if you can succeed where Lex Luthor has always failed.

Justice League Trophy Room Replica – Multi-Colored Kryptonite Display

A few weeks ago I mentioned DC Direct’s Superman cap replica, but this DC Direct Trophy Room Replica is even better than that. Yes, a multi-colored kryptonite display,

JLA Trophy Room Multi-Colored Kryptonite Replica

If you believe my wife, I’d have to worry about the effects of the Blue Kryptonite. Of course I’d be sleeping on a Green Kryptonite couch for a long time if I plunked down the $200-$250 that this baby goes for.