Same Old Gary Yourofsky

Gary Yourofsky’s relationship with People for the Ethical Treatment seems to have ended, but Yourofsky is still traveling around the country giving speeches in favor of vegetarianism with his Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow organization. And he’s still actively supporting violence.

According to CUNY student newspaper, The Word, Yourofsky gave presentations to a couple journalism classes there.

Yourofsky, who wore a gray Animal Liberation Front T-shirt, said he wanted to eradicate speciesism . . .

As part of his speech, Yourofsky cites famous and presumably admirable people who are vegetarians. But his list contains at least one oddity (emphasis added),

Yourofsky mentioned famous people like Martin Luther King Jr. III, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and author Alice Walker. All, he said, adopted vegan lifestyles because they view the killing of animals as a form of oppression.

Louis Farrakhan? The man who called Jews, Koreans and Vietnamese immigrants in New York “bloodsuckers”?

Well, at least Yourofsky has found someone as noxious as he to share his vegetarianism with.


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Gary Yourofsky's State-of-the-Art in Pro-Vegan Arguments

When he’s not busy saying that he would unequivocally support the murder of people working in animal enterprises, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals spokesman Gary Yourofksy travels the country with Kate Timko trying to talk students at universities into switching to veganism.

Don’t worry, though, the foray into institutes of higher learning won’t change Yourofsky. The Daily Pennsylvanian, for example, reports that Yourofsky offered the following as an example to buttress his claim that human beings weren’t meant to eat meat,

Put a 2-year-old in a crib with a bunny rabbit and an apple. If the child eats the bunny rabbit and plays with the apple, I’ll buy you a new car.

Wow — PETA’s really getting their money’s worth out of Yourofsky. Yourofsky told The Daily Pennsylvanian that he converts 2-5 people a day to veganism. With arguments like that, I’m surprised he isn’t closer to 4-10 people a day!

Meanwhile, Timko manages to make meat eating sound exciting. The Daily Pennsylvanian quoted Timko as saying,

Eating meat really does mean eating dead animals. It means that your body is transformed into a walking animal graveyard.

Who knew that eating meat meant eating dead animals? You learn something new everyday.

On the other hand, that image of a walking animal graveyard sounds pretty cool. It’d make a great horror film (Pet Sematary 3 anyone?)


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Are Animals Unnatural?

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals lecturers Gary Yourofsky and Kate Timko visited Roanoake Rapids, North Carolina this week in order to offer dietary advice for residents there — including the suggestion that it’s wrong to eat animals because they are not natural.

Yourofsky told a group at a local community college that, “We are not meat-eating creatures. We’re all born vegans.” He then went on about the supposed health problems related to eating meat.

To which Timko offered some odd advice, according to the Roanoake Daily Herald,

Folks, eat what comes from the ground. It is natural.

Does she mean that only plants are natural? Or that humans eating meat is unnatural, despite the fact that hominids have been doing it for as long as 2.5 million years?

The only unnatural thing here seems to be the ridiculous hoops that animal rights activists jump through to convince people not to eat meat (which probably explains their lack of success).


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Yourofsky Loses It In Tennessee

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ national lecturer Gary Yourofsky showed off the famed ability of animal rights activists to make their case by throwing a fit at East Tennessee State where he was scheduled to talk about vegetarianism.

Yourofsky became angered when he entered the hall where he was to speak and saw a display put up by East Tennessee State’s director of the Division of Laboratory Animal Resources, Dr. Brunhilde Toper-Meyer.

Toper-Meyer had placed a number of pamphlets from Americans for Medical Progress, the FOundation for Biomedical Research and other groups with a simple sign saying “Opposing Arguments.”

Yourofsky — who is on record as condoning both arson and murder in the name of animal rights — decided the presence of the pamphlets warranted throwing a tantrum. He became abusive toward Eastern Tennessee biology instructor Sharon Miller, who had invited Yourofsky to talk in the first place, and likened her to the Ku Klux Klan.

In the end Yourofsky grabbed the cart and gave it a hard push, causing the pamphlets to scatter throughout the hall outside the lecture room. Eastern Tennessee State police were called, and the lecture was cancelled.

The most bizarre part of this, is that it surprised Miller. According to the Johnson City Press,

Miller said she was sorry that Yourofsky did not speak, saying he is a powerful orator and the subject of the afternoon’s lecture — vegetarianism — was not supposed to be controversial.

What planet is this woman living on? What did she think she would be getting from someone who once said, “Do not be afraid to condone arsons at places of animal torture” and “I would unequivocally support” an arson that lead to the death of an “animal abuser” at a research lab.

And powerful orator? Does Miller agree with Yourofsky that human beings are herbivores? If she does, she’s certainly not much of a biologist, and if she doesn’t why the hell is she inviting someone to speak whose ideas are patently false?


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Gary Yourofsky's Transparent Nonsense

Gary Yourofsky’s been speaking at colleges and revealing why he’s such a good fit as a spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — his claims are so transparently stupid that, like the organization he’s working for now, every time he opens his mouth Yourofsky says something to discredit his movement.

For example, here’s what Yourofsky told student at Indiana State university,

Human beings are not carnivores or omnivores in any shape or form. Human beings are herbivores.

Yourofsky backed that absurd statement up by claiming that, as the Indiana Statesman paraphrased it, “Animal ingredients were never meant to be in human bodies, he said. Animals eat the whole animal, humans only eat parts and cooked parts.”

Well, yes, but human beings are able to only eat certain parts of the plant and with some common staples must cook plants as well. I assume that because millions of Africans have to carefully prepare and cook cassava before they can safely eat it, that this means that plant ingredients were never meant to be in human bodies!

And, of course, being that this is Yourofsky, he had to throw in the obligatory comparison between him and Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi and Jesus Christ. Funny, I don’t remember either of those three openly condoning murder as Yourofsky has done in the past, do you?

I honestly cannot think of anything better for PETA to do with its money than pay Yourofsky to travel the country telling people that humans are herbivores and that he is just like Jesus. I think they’ve really got a winning combination on their hands there.


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Gary Yourofsky — Killing Researchers Is Okay, But Don't Touch That Turkey!

One of the more absurd commentaries on dietary choices for Thanksgiving had to come from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ Gary Yourofsky lecturing people about choosing tofu over turkey.

Yourofsky told about 30 students gathered at Midwestern State University,

I do not eat anything – or a product of anything – with a face, a mother or a bowl movement. . . . But I’m not an animal lover. Call me anything but an animal lover. . . . [I want] simple decency [for animals] . . .of all the exploited beings on earth, animals are the most terrorized.

Apparently Yourofsky has forgotten his advocacy of terrorizing anyone who dares disagree with him. As he told The Toledo Blade in the Summer of 2001, “we must be willing to do whatever it takes to gain their [animals] freedom and stop their torture.” When asked if this extended to killing “animal abusers” Yourofsky said, without missing a beat, “I would unequivocally support that, too.”

Yourofsky’s concern about simple decency and terrorism stops with his fellow human beings.


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