Gary Yourofsky's Transparent Nonsense

Gary Yourofsky’s been speaking at colleges and revealing why he’s such a good fit as a spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — his claims are so transparently stupid that, like the organization he’s working for now, every time he opens his mouth Yourofsky says something to discredit his movement.

For example, here’s what Yourofsky told student at Indiana State university,

Human beings are not carnivores or omnivores in any shape or form. Human beings are herbivores.

Yourofsky backed that absurd statement up by claiming that, as the Indiana Statesman paraphrased it, “Animal ingredients were never meant to be in human bodies, he said. Animals eat the whole animal, humans only eat parts and cooked parts.”

Well, yes, but human beings are able to only eat certain parts of the plant and with some common staples must cook plants as well. I assume that because millions of Africans have to carefully prepare and cook cassava before they can safely eat it, that this means that plant ingredients were never meant to be in human bodies!

And, of course, being that this is Yourofsky, he had to throw in the obligatory comparison between him and Martin Luther King, Jr., Gandhi and Jesus Christ. Funny, I don’t remember either of those three openly condoning murder as Yourofsky has done in the past, do you?

I honestly cannot think of anything better for PETA to do with its money than pay Yourofsky to travel the country telling people that humans are herbivores and that he is just like Jesus. I think they’ve really got a winning combination on their hands there.


Animal rights activist shares views with campus. Josh Cannon, Indiana Statesman, April 2, 2003.

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