NoScript Anywhere

NoScript Anywhere is the excellent NoScript Firefox addon retooled to make it easy for porting to Firefox for Android, Maemo and other platforms:

NoScript 3.x is implemented as a restartless add-on for Firefox Mobile, meant to explore the issues and the challenges posed by the Electrolysis multiprocessing architecture to a NoScript porting.

It also features a new page permission editing UI, specifically redesigned for smartphone usage and easily accessible by tapping on a navigation bar icon.

Once installed (with no need to restart the browser), it blocks every script and embedded object (plugin content and iframes) unless the loading resource is whitelisted.

NSA’s whitelist is implemented as a JSON map, having domains or URL prepath components as its keys and custom permission sets (or reference to the TRUSTED and UNTRUSTED predefined permission sets) as its values (references are serialized as 0 for UNTRUSTED and 1 for TRUSTED).

There developer also has plans to use Firefox Sync to sync NoScript settings across platforms. That would be awesome.

Firefox for Android to Implement Native UI

So Firefox on Android is going to go native with its user interface:

The problem, however, is that interpreting and painting at the application level adds an unwanted overhead, which usually goes unnoticed on most modern desktop and laptop computers, but becomes a bottleneck in resource constrained devices like cell phones and tablets. Native widgets are handled by Android directly so it doesn’t require additional translation or memory to map how to draw them.

Faster startup, less memory consumption, and improved responsiveness are some of the expected benefits of such a move,which is not free of important new challenges, most notably: localization and add-ons support, both of which are completely XUL-oriented.

I like the Firefox browser on Android, but it crashes and randomly restarts so often, it is essentially unusable for me. Hopefully this planned change will actually make the browser useful.

Better Gmail 2 Add-On for Firefox

I never really used Gmail until earlier this summer when I got an Android phone which is heavily integrated with Google’s various offerings. So I went from a complete Gmail newbie to essentially dumping most of my life into it — for me Gmail acts as my own private knowledge base searchable from anywhere I can get a signal with my phone.

Gina Trapani’s Better Gmail 2 add-on for Firefox is indispensable in using Gmail. It bundles together some of the best Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail. Personally, I couldn’t live without the Folders4Gmail script that lets users build hierarchical label structures in Gmail.

Yes, you could go out and download all of these scripts and install them, but it is very nice that Trapani has rolled them all together in one easily updated add-on.