Finders Keypers FFS

So apparently it wasn’t enough to have laser cut comic book key rings, key covers, and other assorted key gimmicks. Now, a company called Elephant Gun is coming out with a line of . . . wait for it . . . Finders Keypers. Yes, Finders Keypers.

As you can see from the photos, these are 10″ plastic statues of comic book heroes like Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Deadpool (is Deadpool a hero? We’ll leave that debate for another time).

Each statue . . .

. . . feature(s) a removable key chain that nests in the base. Ridiculously detailed, with exceptional attention to likeness and paint, you can’t hardly get anything this awesome for this price. And it watches over your keys!

I’m not judging, but I think Batman might.

Finders Keyper - Superman

Finders Keyper - Wonder Woman Finders Keyper - Batman Finders Keyper - Deadpool