DC Direct 1/6th Scale Poison Ivy

DC Direct’s 1/6th scale action figure line continues with this Poison Ivy scheduled for May 2010. This figure features two different costume options, but, alas, still features the plastic helmet hair approach. This figure looks better than some of the other female figures in this line, but seriously DC?

Blackest Night Power Ring Spectrum Set

So I have this problem with Green Lantern rings already, and now DC Direct has to go and announce this Blackest Night set for July. And these aren’t just any power rings — these have an LED that lights up when you wear it (the light can be turned off manually to save batter life, and perhaps also to look a bit less like a dork, though by the time you’re wearing this, that battle’s pretty much lost).

$60 for the set, and the batteries are user replaceable.