DC Direct Superman vs. Muhammad Ali Statue

OMG, this brings back memories. It was 1978 and I was ten years old when DC came out with this huge over-sized comic book depicting Superman vs. Muhammad Ali in the ring, all at the behest of aliens who wanted to determine Earth’s champion as part of an intergalactic match by an alien invading force.

I read the crap out of that comic over the next couple years. I would do anything to have this statute on my bookshelf…well, anything except pay the $250 asking price. What we really need is a Superman vs. Ali double pack of DC Universe Classics.

One thought on “DC Direct Superman vs. Muhammad Ali Statue”

  1. Cool and I agree with you on price and not getting for that reason. Also, as a boxing fan, the funny thing is that those are not fight gloves. Those are like bag gloves. With velcro straps versus laces. And, Supes and Ali don’t appear to have mouthpieces in.

    Thanks for sharing!

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