Mattel’s Shogun Warriors Toy Line

In the late 1970s, Mattel licensed toys from various giant robot anime series popular in Japan and released the toys here as Shogun Warriors. The best of the series were a line of 24″ tall plastic that were straight-up awesome, like this classic Dragun:

Dragun toy from Mattel's 1970s Shogun Warriors line.

These toys were released before the U.S. crack down on spring-loaded weapons in toys, so that huge contraption on Dragun’s right hand is a shuriken disc shooter.

The toy line inspired a Shogun Warriors comic book from Marvel that ended once declining sales led to the cancellation of the toys.

There’s a Shogun Warriors fan page that discusses the various lines of toys and variants, while Wikipedia has a nice summary of the toy line’s rise and fall.

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