The Circle Is Now Complete — Antinous Is the Master

Antinous, one of the moderators of the comment threads over at Boing! Boing! has finally surpassed Teresa Nielsen Hayden in his moderation skills. I am in awe after running across an exchange between Antinous and a user going by the handle “Harveyboing.”

Good old Harvey made the mistake of posting a comment critical of a CNN piece claiming George W. Bush had been snubbed at the G20 summitt. Harvey made the mistake of opening his post by saying, “Hey, give me a break” which Antinous righteously transformed to “h, gv m brk” before disemvoweling other parts of the post.

Harvey found this a bit hypocritical and the following exchange ensued,

Let’s see:

“i hate bush”

“Dumber than YouTube”

“Bush is the weird pale kid who lives with his grandmother, eats liverwurst sandwiches for lunch every day, and that no one pays any attention to at all”

“an alcoholic, middle aged man desperately looking for approval one last time”

“bush is one of the shittiest leaders we ever had”

But, asking for a break, and making a factual statement about the pro-left bias in this particular CNN report, and I get disemvoweled?

Hey, Antinous…inconsistent much?

Take a look at this


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I doubt that you ever will.

Antinous is right, some of us will never get it. And, frankly, I hope I never become the sort of person who does.

6 thoughts on “The Circle Is Now Complete — Antinous Is the Master”

  1. Antinous is a selfrighteos narcissitic jerk who can´t win a discussion via reasoning, so he resorts to insults, deleting comments and swinging the banhammer.
    A real shitstain on an otherwise cool website that should have been polished away by it´s owners ages ago.
    Actually a moderator should be impartial anyway.

  2. Glad to have found this. I got into an argument with one of his fave posters and was booted from the site for no good reason. Labeled a troll for ridiculous reasons, basically cause I disagreed with another poster. That guy is a real fuck face.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with lulzbot and JJ above; Antinous does damage in the comments on an otherwise great site.

    A defense aligned against the tone of a post and you’re banned forever.

    BB–you have a problem. I hope you’ll moderate your “moderator,” Antinous.

  4. I have to agree that Antinous’ snooty, self-righteous moderation is a discredit to Boing Boing. Having gotten on his bad side over one post, he now goes out of his way to delete my posts on minor technicalities. He also inputs his own opinions into debates and picks fights while enjoying the protection of the moderator role. This is totally bogus. If he wants to comment he should so so under another name and refrain from moderating people who tell him where to stick it.

  5. I quit reading because of Antinous, and because of the constant (at that time, mid to last 2010) anti Tea Party jibes. Whether or not you agree with Tea Party agendas (most of which are decent) or Tea Party members (some of which are FOS, others not at all), the hateful, petty, xenophobic and (occasionally) non-sequitur-ish comments about the Tea Party that were (and still are, to a degree) taking place on is truly saddening. At one time in my life (when younger, of course) I expected intelligent, well-educated and technologically savvy persons to be less prejudiced and hateful. No longer. Apparently, it’s perfectly okay for boingboingers to be prejudiced, just so long as they all agree on the group to hate (Reps, Cons, Tea Partiers, etc). Pretty sad…

  6. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but in the last 3 or so weeks (?), a number of regular and semi-regular posters on boingboing have been responding “Get outta here!!!” whenever Antinous made a comment of any kind, ha ha. The result (apparently?) being that he is showing a remarkable lessening of snark…go see for yourselves…. 🙂

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