There Is No Boing! Boing! (Or Spoon, For That Matter)

The exchange below between Boing! Boing! moderator Antinous and a couple of readers had me laughing out loud. SedanChair pointed out an alleged inconsistency in Boing! Boing!’s approach to intellectual property, claiming the site tends to be IP minimalists when it comes to things like books or music, but acting like IP maximalists when it comes to things like genetic information in the case of the HeLa cell line.

I don’t necessarily agree with that argument but am more interested in how Antinous nicely regurgitates the party line that there is no “Boing! Boing!” You can judge for yourselves, but I suspect if someone made this argument at Boing! Boing! about any other corporation, this argument would be rightly ridiculed at Boing! Boing!.


There Is No Boing! Boing!

The Circle Is Now Complete — Antinous Is the Master

Antinous, one of the moderators of the comment threads over at Boing! Boing! has finally surpassed Teresa Nielsen Hayden in his moderation skills. I am in awe after running across an exchange between Antinous and a user going by the handle “Harveyboing.”

Good old Harvey made the mistake of posting a comment critical of a CNN piece claiming George W. Bush had been snubbed at the G20 summitt. Harvey made the mistake of opening his post by saying, “Hey, give me a break” which Antinous righteously transformed to “h, gv m brk” before disemvoweling other parts of the post.

Harvey found this a bit hypocritical and the following exchange ensued,

Let’s see:

“i hate bush”

“Dumber than YouTube”

“Bush is the weird pale kid who lives with his grandmother, eats liverwurst sandwiches for lunch every day, and that no one pays any attention to at all”

“an alcoholic, middle aged man desperately looking for approval one last time”

“bush is one of the shittiest leaders we ever had”

But, asking for a break, and making a factual statement about the pro-left bias in this particular CNN report, and I get disemvoweled?

Hey, Antinous…inconsistent much?

Take a look at this


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I doubt that you ever will.

Antinous is right, some of us will never get it. And, frankly, I hope I never become the sort of person who does.