Heather Mills McCartney vs. Naomi Campbell

Heather Mills McCartney, Paul’s latest wife, ripped model Naomi Campbell for wearing fur. But in trying to highlight Campbell’s alleged depravity, McCartney simply revealed her own.

On an ITV television program, McCartney said of Campbell,

It would be a bit like me saying no more landmines, no more landmines, adn then doing a contract with a landmine company to promote a new landmine, that’s how superficial, shallow and hypocritical it is, as well as harming millions of animals.

But, of course, that is precisely what McCartney has done with her new association with PETA. She’s gone from saying “no more landmines, no more landmines” to hooking up with an organization whose members openly admire serial killers and support arson and other violent actions as legitimate tactics for their movement.

Then again, Linda McCartney supported PETA’s campaign against medical research while benefiting from the fruits of said research, so apparently an overarching hypocrisy is simply a prerequisite for wives of the former Beatle.

McCartney also claimed that Campbell has refused to meet with her, but a spokesman for Campbell issued a written statement saying,

Ms. Campbell has not been contacted by Heather Mills McCartney, is surprised by her remarks and declines to comment further.


McCartney’s wife flays model fur fan. Agence France-Presse, October 9, 2005.

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