Animal Rights Extremists Driving Pharmaceutical Investment Out of Great Britain

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry reported in April that capital spending by the pharmaceutical industry fell by almost 20 percent in 2003. Spending on research also fell by 100 million pounds — the first such drop since 1990.

The industry blames animal rights extremists. Vincent Lawton, president of the association, told The Times,

It is clear that the continuing threat posted by animal extremists is a contributory factor. . . I hope that these figures indicate just a temporary blip, but the dangers of the UK losing out to other countries are very real.

The decline in investment occurred at a time when pharmaceutical investment is exploding worldwide. For 2003, global spending by pharmaceutical companies increased an estimated 11 percent according to U.S.-based Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.


Extremists ‘are driving drugs firms out of UK’. Richard Irving and Nigel Hawkes, April 6, 2005.

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