How Close Is HLS To Closing? Its Actually Expanding Its Facilities

I know, I know . . . the animal rights activists say they have Huntingdon Life Sciences on the run and they’re bound to drive the company out of business any day now. Apparently this is a message that HLS executives aren’t hearing, because the company announced plans in April to build a new research facility in East Millstone, New Jersey.

According to HLS, the facility will double the company’s testing capacity and will focus on testing of inhaled pharmaceutical. HLS believes there is currently a severe shortage in testing facilities for inhaled pharmaceuticals.

Mike Caulfield, the general manager of HLS’ Princeton Research Center, said,

Since we completed construction of the first phase of our inhalation facility expansion last year, we have filled this capacity and are booking studies into time slots much further into the future than any of our other product lines.

I guess someone forget to tell Caulfield that the activists have his company on the verge of failure.


Huntingdon expands US facility. LabTechnologist.Com, April 6, 2005.

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