Tre Arrow Wants Refugee Status In Canada

Suspect Earth Liberation Front arsonist Tre Arrow has asked a Canadian immigration panel to grant him refugee status in that country.

Arrow was arrested in March after being caught shoplifting in a Vancouver, British Columbia store. Arrow was indicted in the United States in August 2002 for his alleged role in the firebombing of various vehicles at an Oregon logging site.

In December 2002, Arrow was placed on the FBI’s most wanted list but escaped arrest until his shoplifting escapade. Not surprisingly, he was allegedly trying to steal a pair of bolt cutters.

Apparently, Arrow is claiming that he would be unable to obtain a fair trial in the United States because he has been accused of terrorism — but Arrow is charged with using fire to commit a felony, destroying vehicles used in interstate commerce, and using incendiary devices in a crime of violence.

The first stage in the refugee application process is for the immigration panel to decide whether or not Arrow can be formally admitted into Canada. In order to do so, it must first find that he has no affiliation with organizations such as the Earth Liberation Front or that the Earth Liberation Front is not a terrorist organization.

The hearings in such cases are all held behind closed doors, and hearings in Arrow’s case are not scheduled to resume until June 18.

Arrow could face up to 80 years in jail if convicted of all charges against him in Oregon.


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