Suzanne Cass on the "Jewish Race"

Sabina De Giacomo wrote a defense of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ “Holocaust On Your Plate.” Australian animal rights activist Suzanne Cass posted De Giacomo’s defense, and added her own thoughts,

One would expect, since the Jewish race has undergone so much suffering, that it would have more compassion for animals when they are slaughtered for
Jewish consumption (with reference to no pre-stunning). It is a stranger [sic] God
that these people believe in.



Draw your own conclusions.

De Giacomo’s defense of “Holocaust On Your Plate” takes the Holocaust argument to new levels of nuttiness. It turns out that spaying or neutering your cat or dog is the same thing as eugenics! According to De Giacomo (emphasis added),

Reproductive [sic] propogation was discouraged among the Jewish race and children were not uncommonly, removed from their parents to be destroyed. On the other hand, Hitler promoted purebred propogation of the Arian race and was an ardent “Right to Life” proponent (for Arians only, of course). Similarly, animals in the shelter system are routinely spayed/neutered to avoid propogation, especially mixed breeds and late term abortions and the destruction of puppies and kittens not old enough to eat on their own is a daily occurrence. On the other hand, purebreed dogs, cats, horses, etc are touted as “valuable” and are purposely bred to produce offspring “desirable” by humans. Additionally, whole colonies of SPF (specific pathogen free) animals are bred for specific research purposes and the entire domesticated world of [sic] catttle, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, etc have been genetically manipulated purely to produce product aspects humans deem desirable (meat marbling for example).

All I want for Christmas is more animal rights activists like Cass and De Giacomo.


The animal holocaust vs. the Jewish holocaust. Suzanne Cass, E-Mail, November 6, 2004.

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