History Channel Is Not

One of the things I like to do for fun is watch “documentaries” on the History Channel and spot the grotesque historical errors. I mean, I can understand getting very minor things wrong, but if I can spot it as an error, then somebody had her head up her ass when fact-checking.

So I’m watching this show on History International about Celtic culture which actually claimed that chess was Celtic in origins. Huh?

The origins of chess are still hotly debated, but the debate is over whether it emerged in India around the 3rd century BCE or in India/Persia/China sometime around the 6th century CE. Nobody, to my knowledge, has seriously suggested that the game originated with the Celts.

In any event these were precurors to the game we know as chess today. The rules, pieces and table setup that we use today for chess were not combined and codified until the late 15th century in Europe.

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