Cannabilism Accusation Against Congolese Rebels

The Associated Press is reporting that a United Nations human rights team will report that Congolese Liberation Movement and the Congolese Rally for Democracy-National used rape and cannabilism to pacify civilians in the round robin of carnage that is the Congo these days (well for the last 25 years or so). According to the AP,

“The team interviewed victims as well as witnesses of atrocities who spoke of cases of wholesale rape, of looting … and also cases of forced cannibalism,” said Patricia Tome, the U.N. spokeswoman in the Congo.

. . .

Tome said the investigators sought out Pygmies, who went deep in hiding in the forests there.

She did not elaborate. However, a Catholic cleric in the province, Monsignor Melchisedec Sikuli Paluku, told The Associated Press that rebels forced the Pygmies and others to eat human flesh. Some Pygmies taken prisoner even were forced to eat parts of their own bodies, he said.

Just what the world needs — Lord’s Resistance Army style insanity spreading to other corners of Africa.


Congolese tell U.N. investigators of cannibalism, rapes by rebels. The Associated Press, January 11, 2003.

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