My Book Collection

0451154479. . 1973.
1-2-3 Magic. Phelan, W. Thomas. 1996.
The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management. Smith, Hyrum W.. 1994.
100 Years of Solitude. Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. 1991.
1001 Ways to Be Romantic. Godek, Gregory. 1991.
101 Ways to Say I Love You. Lansky, Vicki. 1991.
200 Challenging Chess Puzzles. Greif, Martin. 1995.
200 Classic Chess Puzzles. Greif, Martin. 1993.
2002 Things to Do on a Date. Haynes, Cyndi. 1992.
365 Days of Creative Play. Judith, Gray. 1995.
The 400 Blows. Truffaut, Francois. 1986.
5 Secrets to Personal Productivity. Hanks, Kurt. 1993.
555 Ways to Put More Fun in Your Life. Basso, Bob. 1994.
The ABCs of Chess. Pandolfini, Bruce. 1986.
Aberrant. . 1999.
Abortion and Divorce in Western Law. Glendon, Ann Mary. 1989.
About Behaviorism. Skinner, Burrhus Frederic,. 1976.
Abraham Lincoln. Oates, Stephen B.. 1991.
Abusing Science. Kitcher, Philip. 1983.
The Accidental Tourist. Tyler, Anne. 1994.
Actual Innocence. Dwyer, Jim. 2001.
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. . 1989.
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. . 1995.
The Adventures of Lando Calrissian. Smith, L. Neil. 1994.
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle, Arthur Conan. 1974.
The Aeneid. Virgil. 1990.
Aestival Tide (Spectra Special Editions). Hand, Elizabeth. 1992.
Affirmative Action. Sadler, E. A.. 1996.
The Affirmative Action Fraud. Bolick, Clint. 1996.
The African Slave Trade. Davidson, Basil. 1988.
The Africans. Mazrui, Ali A.. 1987.
After Tet. Spector, Ronald H.. 1994.
Age and Guile Beat Youth, Innocence, and a Bad Haircut. O’Rourke, P. J.. 1996.
Ages in Chaos. Velikovsky, Immanuel. 1991.
Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do. McWilliams, Peter. 1993.
Akbar and Jeff’s Guide to Life. Groening, Matt. 1989.
Alexandra Stoddard’s Living Beautifully Together. Stoddard, Alexandra. 1991.
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass. Carroll, Lewis. 1960.
The Alienist. Carr, Caleb. 1995.
Aliens Genocide. Bischoff, David F.. 1994.
Aliens Vs. Predator. Bischoff, F. David. 1994.
Aliens Vs. Predator. Perry, Steve. 1994.
All Flesh Must Be Eaten. Various. 1999.
All the Trouble in the World. O’Rourke, P.J.. 1994.
The Allergy Survival Guide. Houlton, Jane. 1995.
Alternate Presidents. Resnick, Mike. 1992.
Am I That Name? Feminism and the Category of Women in History. Riley, Denise. 1989.
The Amateur Magician’s Handbook. Hay, Henry. 1982.
Ambient. Womack, Jack. 1991.
America. Tindall, George B.. 1988.
American. Carlson, Lewis. 1996.
American Baseball. Voight, David. 1983.
American Fads. Johnson, Richard A.. 1985.
The American Past. Conlin, Joseph. 1989.
The American Political Dictionary. Plano, Jack C.. 1993.
American Tough. Wilkinson, Rupert. 1986.
The Americans, the Colonial Experience (A Caravelle Edition). Boorstin, Daniel J.. 1964.
Amnesty International Report 1989. . 1989.
An Invitation to Practice Zen. Low, Albert. 1989.
Analog’s expanding universe. Schmidt, Ed., Stanley. 1986.
Anarchism, and Other Essays. Goldman, Emma. 1970.
The Anarchist Cookbook. Powell, William. 1989.
Anarchy, State and Utopia. Nozick, Robert. 1977.
And the Band Played on. Shilts, Randy. 1995.
Animal Factories. Mason, Jim. 1990.
Animal Farm. Orwell, George. 1996.
Animal Rights. Guither, D. Harold. 1998.
Anna Karenina (Penguin Classics). Tolstoy, Leo. 1977.
The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality. Mises, Von Ludwig. 1994.
The Antitrust Paradox. Bork, H. Robert. 1995.
Apocalyptics. Efron, Edith. 1984.
Appetite for Destruction. Sugerman, Daniel. 1992.
Applied Philosophy. Almond, Brenda. 1991.
Arguing About Slavery. Miller, William Lee. 1998.
Arguing Immigration. Mills, Nicolaus. 1994.
Aristotle. Barnes, Jonathan. 1983.
Aristotle. Lear, Jonathan. 1988.
Aristotle the Philosopher. Ackrill, J. L.. 1981.
The Armchair Economist. Landsburg, E. Steven. 1995.
Armchair Universe. Dewdney, A. K.. 1988.
Around the World In Eighty Days The. Verne, Jules. 1978.
Art and Artist. Rank, Otto. 1989.
The Art Institute of Chicago. . 1993.
Art of Inner Listening. Crum, Jesse. 1975.
The Art of the Novel. Kundera, Milan. 1989.
Artificial Life. Levy, Steven. 1992.
The Artist’s Way. Cameron, Julia. 1992.
The Assassins. Lewis, Bernard. 1987.
The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual. . 1994.
The Associated Press stylebook and libel manual. French, Christopher W.. 1987.
At a Journal Workshop. Progoff, Ira. 1975.
Atlas Shrugged. Rand, Ayn. 1957.
The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin. Lourie, Richard. 2000.
The Axemaker’s Gift. Ornstein, Robert. 1997.
Backlash. Faludi, Susan. 1991.
The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Book 1). Snicket, Lemony. 1999.
Bad Blood. Jones, James Howard. 1982.
Ban the Bomb. Katz, Milton S.. 1987.
Banishing the Beast. Bland, Lucy. 1995.
Basic Writings of Nietzsche. Kaufmann, ed., Walter. 1992.
Battle Cry of Freedom. McPherson, James M.. 1988.
Battle of the Books. Atlas, James. 1993.
Battlestar Galactica. Larson, Glen. 1978.
The Beak of the Finch. Weiner, Jonathan. 1994.
Becoming a Writer. Brande, Dorothea. 1981.
Beggars & Choosers. Kress, Nancy. 1996.
Beggars in Spain. Kress, Nancy. 1994.
Beggars Ride. Kress, Nancy. 1997.
Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published. Polking, Kirk. 1994.
Beginning Chess (Fireside Chess Library). Pandolfini, Bruce. 1993.
Being Digital. Negroponte, Nicholas. 1995.
The Best of Enemies. Abu-Sharif, Bassam. 1995.
The Best of Pulphouse. Rusch, Kathryn Kristine. 1992.
Better Dead Than Red. Barson, Michael. 1992.
Beyond God the Father. Daly, Mary. 1985.
Beyond the Burning Cross. Cleary, Edward J.. 1994.
Beyond Velikovsky. Bauer, H. Henry. 1985.
The Bible As History. Keller, Werner. 1981.
Biko. Woods, Donald. 1991.
Billard Table Murders a Gladys Babbingto. Baxter, Glen. 1990.
Biology As Ideology. Lewontin, Richard C.. 1993.
Biosphere Politics. Rifkin, Jeremy. 1992.
The Birth of the Modern. Johnson, Paul. 1991.
Black Hawk Down. Bowden, Mark. 2001.
Black Noise. Rose, Tricia. 1994.
Blade Runner. Dick, Philip K.. 1990.
The Blind Watchmaker. Dawkins, Richard. 1987.
Blueprint for a Green Planet. Seymour, John. 1987.
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess. Fischer, Bobby. 1992.
The Book of Common Dread. Monahan, Brent. 1994.
The Book of the Dead. Skipp, John. 1991.
Bookbanning in America. Noble, William. 1990.
Books of Blood, Vol. 1. Barker, Clive. 1994.
Books That Changed the World. Downs, Robert B.. 1992.
Boundaries. Brown, Peter G.. 1981.
The Boy Scout Handbook and Other Observations. Fussell, Paul. 1985.
The Breaks of the Game. Halberstam, David. 1983.
Bretta Martyn. Smith, L. Neil. 1998.
The Bridge. Skipp, John. 1991.
A Brief History of Time. Hawking, W. Stephen. 1988.
A Bright Shining Lie. Sheehan, Neil. 1988.
Bring the Noise. Nelson, Havelock. 1991.
Brother Termite. Anthony, Patricia. 1995.
The Brothers Karamazov. Dostoyevsky, Fyodor. 1995.
Buffalo Gals and Other Animal Presences. Leguin, K. Ursula. 1990.
Bug Jack Barron. Spinrad, Norman. 1992.
Bullwhip Days. Mellon, James. 1992.
Bully for Brontosaurus. Gould, Jay Stephen. 1991.
Bunts. Will, George F.. 1999.
Burning Chrome. Gibson, William. 1994.
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. Brown, Dee. 1991.
But Was It Just?. Elshtain, Jean Bethke. 1992.
A Call for Revolution. Gross, L. Martin. 1995.
Call of Cthulhu. Petersen, Sandy. 1992.
Call of the Wild Tales. London, Jack. 1979.
Call to Action. Erickson, Brad. 1990.
Camp Concentration. Disch, M. Thomas. 1988.
Can You Pass These Tests. Bragdon, D. Allen. 1987.
Candide or Optimism. Voltaire. 1991.
Cannery Row. Steinbeck, John. 1986.
Cannibals and kings. Harris, Marvin. 1977.
Capitalism. Rand, Ayn. 1984.
Capitalism and Freedom. Friedman, Milton. 1963.
Capitalism Vs. Capitalism. Albert, Michel. 1993.
Carrion Comfort. Simmons, Dan. 1990.
Carthage Ascendant. Gentle, Mary. 2000.
A Cartoon Guide to the Constitution of the United States. Lurio, Eric. 1987.
The Catalog of Lost Books. Tuleja, Tad. 1989.
Cathedral of the August Heat. Clitandre, Pierre. 1987.
Ceasefire!. Young, Cathy. 1999.
Celia, a Slave. McLaurin, Melton A.. 1999.
Celtic Warriors. Newark, Tim. 1988.
Central Readings in the History of Modern Philosophy. Cummins, Robert. 1991.
Cerebral Symphony. Calvin, William. 1990.
Changewar. Leiber, Fritz. 1983.
Changing Lives. Smith, Bonnie. 1988.
Chaos. Gleick, James. 1987.
Chaos & Cyber Culture. Leary, Timothy. 1994.
Characters and Viewpoint. Card, Orson Scott. 1988.
Charlie Company. Goldman, Peter. 1984.
Chess For Dummies®. Eade, James. 1996.
A Child Is Born. Nilsson, Lennart. 1986.
The Chomsky Reader. Chomsky, Noam. 1987.
A Chorus of Stones. Griffin, Susan. 1993.
Christianity. Frankiel, Sandra S.. 1985.
Christianity. McDowell, Josh. 1989.
The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. Marchetti, Victor. 1984.
Circus of the Damned. Hamilton, K. Laurell. 1995.
Citizens. Schama, Simon. 1989.
City of Golden Shadow (Otherland, Volume 1). Williams, Tad. 1998.
City of Quartz. Davis, Mike. 1992.
Civilization and Its Discontents. Freud, Sigmund. 1994.
The Classic Slave Narratives. Gates, Henry Louis. 1987.
Clear Thinking. Ruchlis, Hy. 1990.
The Clock of Dreams. Lumley, Brian. 1999.
The Closing of the American Mind. Bloom, Allan. 1987.
Cointelpro. Blackstock, Nelson. 1989.
Cold Allies. Anthony, Patricia. 1994.
Collateral Damage. Peters, Cynthia. 1991.
College Sports, Inc.. Sperber, Murray. 1990.
The Colour of Magic. Pratchett, Terry. 2000.
The Coming of the Horseclans. Adams, Robert. 1982.
The Coming Plague. Garrett, Laurie. 1994.
The Committed Writer. Crosby, H. Harry. 1986.
The Common Good (Real Story Series). Chomsky, Noam. 1998.
Communion. Strieber, Whitley. 1995.
Compassionate Capitalism. Devos, M. Richard. 1993.
The Complete Guide to Magazine Article Writing. Wilson, John M.. 1993.
The Complete Guide to Writing Nonfiction. Evans, Glen. 1988.
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Managing Your Money. Heady, Robert K.. 1995.
Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Science Fiction. Doctorow, Cory. 2000.
The Complete Plays of Sophocles. . 1967.
The Complete Unabridged Super Trivia Encyclopedia. Worth, L. Fred. 1977.
Complexity. Waldrop, M. Mitchell. 1992.
Conan (Conan). Howard, Robert E.. 221.
Conan: The Swordsman. Sprague de Camp, L.. 1978.
A Concise Introduction to Logic. Hurley, Patrick J.. 1994.
Conspiracies, Cover-Ups, and Crimes. Vankin, Jonathan. 1991.
The Constitution of Liberty. Hayek, A. Friedrich. 1978.
Constitutional Law for a Changing America. Epstein, Lee. 1994.
Content of Our Character. Steele, Shelby. 1990.
The Continental Op (Vintage Crime). Hammett, Dashiell. 1992.
The Control of Nature. McPhee, John. 1990.
The Copy Catalogue. Biggles, Barry. 1981.
Corruptions of Empire. Cockburn, Alexander. 1988.
The Cosmic Code. Pagels, Heinz R.. 1983.
Covering Islam. Said, Edward W.. 1981.
Cows, Pigs, Wars & Witches. Harris, Marvin. 1989.
The Craft of Revision. Murray, Donald Morison. 1997.
Creating. Fritz, Robert. 1991.
Creating Unforgettable Characters. Seger, Linda. 1990.
Creative Backgrounds (North Light Clip Art). . 1994.
The Creative Cartoonist. Gautier, Dick. 1989.
The Creative Journal. Capacchione, Lucia. 1989.
Crime and Human Nature/the Definitive Study of the Causes of Crime. Wilson, James Q.. 1986.
The Crying of Lot 49. Pynchon, Thomas. 1990.
Cryptonomicon. Stephenson, Neal. 2000.
Cthulhu. Howard, Robert E.. 1987.
Cthulhu 2000. Turner, Jim. 1999.
Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism. Bell, Daniel. 1978.
Culture of Complaint. Hughes, Robert. 1993.
Culture on the Brink. Bender, Gretchen. 1994.
Curses! Broiled Again!. Brunvand, Harold Jan. 1989.
Cut!. Golden, Christopher. 1992.
Cyberia. Rushkoff, Douglas. 1994.
Cyberpunk. Hafner, Katie. 1991.
Cyberpunk. Pondsmith, Michael. 1990.
Cyberpunk Handbook. Jude, St.. 1995.
Cyberspace. Benedikt, Michael. 1992.
Dark Ages II. Bergeron, P. Bryan. 2002.
The Dark Child. Laye, Camara. 1994.
The Dark Knight Strikes Again. Miller, Frank. 2002.
The Dark Knight Strikes Again Vol. 1. Miller, Frank. 2001.
Dark Visions. Wiater, Stanley. 1992.
Darwin on Trial. Johnson, Phillip E.. 1993.
Darwin’s Dangerous Idea. Dennett, C. Daniel. 1995.
Data Trash. Kroker, Arthur. 1994.
Day of Creation. Ballard, J.G.. 1988.
Day of Infamy. Lord, Walter. 1991.
The Days of the Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas (Picture Histories). Nougier, Louis-Rene. 1986.
De-Architecture. Wines, James. 1987.
Dead Elvis. Marcus, Greil. 1992.
The Death and Life of Malcolm X. Goldman, Peter Louis. 1979.
Death by Government. Rummel, J. R.. 1997.
The Death of an Ardent Bibliophile. Gill, Bartholomew. 1996.
The Death of Common Sense. Howard, K. Philip. 1996.
Debating Affirmative Action. Mills, Nicolaus. 1994.
Debating P.C.. Berman, Ed., Paul. 338.
Decline and Fall of the American Empire (The Real Story Series). Vidal, Gore. 1992.
Deduction Introductory Symbolic Logic. Bonevac, Daniel. 1987.
Defending Pornography. Strossen, Nadine. 1995.
The Defense Diaries of W. Morgan Petty. Bethell, Brian. 1985.
Democracy in America, Volume 1 (Vintage Classics). Tocqueville, De Alexis. 1990.
Democracy in America, Volume 2 (Vintage Classics). Tocqueville, De Alexis. 1990.
The Denial of Death. Becker, Ernest. 1985.
Denying the Holocaust. Lipstadt, Deborah E.. 1994.
The Desktop Publisher’s Idea Book. Green, Chuck. 1993.
Desktop Publishing & Design For Dummies®. Parker, Roger C.. 1995.
Deterring Democracy. Chomsky, Noam. 1992.
The Devil’s Addition, A Knuckleduster Interactive Western Adventure. Harris, Forrest. 1999.
The Diamond Age. Stephenson, Neal. 1995.
Diary of a Seducer. Kierkegaard, Soren. 1966.
Dicing With Dragons. Livingstone, Ian. 1989.
Dictatorship of Virtue. Bernstein, Richard. 1994.
Dictionary of the Khazars. Pavic, Milorad. 1988.
Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?. Gardner, Martin. 2000.
Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?. Miethe, Ed., L. Terry. 1987.
The Difference Engine. Gibson, William. 1992.
Different Seasons. King, Stephen. 1982.
Dimensions. Vallee, Jacques. 1989.
Dirty Truths. Parenti, Michael. 1996.
Discipline and Punish. Foucault, Michel. 1995.
The discovery of society. Collins, Randall. 1984.
Dismantling Utopia. Shane, Scott. 1995.
Dispossessed. LeGuin, K. Ursula. 1985.
Distant Neighbors. Riding, Alan. 1989.
The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. Mandelbaum, Allen. 1980.
Divine Invasion. Dick, Philip K.. 1991.
Doctor Zhivago. Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich. 1997.
A Documentary History of the Negro People in the United States 1951-1959. Aptheker, Herbert. 1993.
Don Quixote of LA Mancha. Cervantes, Miguel De. 1990.
Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There. Eyre, Richard M.. 1995.
Don’t Panic. Wilson, R. Reid. 1987.
Doomsday Book. Willis, Connie. 1993.
Downsize This!. Moore, Michael. 1996.
Dr. Bloodmoney. Dick, K. Philip. 1988.
The Dragons of Eden. Sagan, Carl. 1989.
Drawing Blood. Brite, Poppy Z.. 1995.
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Edwards, Betty. 1989.
Drawing With Children. Brookes, Mona. 1986.
The Dream and the Nightmare. Magnet, Myron. 1994.
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath. Lovecraft, Phillips Howard. 1996.
Drinking in America. Bogosian, Eric. 1987.
Drumming at the Edge of Magic. Hart, Mickey. 1990.
The Dubious Hills. Dean, Pamela. 1995.
Early Greek Philosophy (Penguin Classic). Barnes, Jonathan. 1987.
Earth. Brin, David. 1991.
The Earth Care Annual, 1991. Wild, Russell. 1990.
Earth Hive. Perry, Steve. 1992.
EARTH X. Ross, Alex. 2000.
Eco-Sanity. Bast, Joseph L.. 1996.
The Economic Transformation of America. Heilbroner, Robert. 1993.
Economics. Baumol, J. William. 1993.
Economics in One Lesson. Hazlitt, Henry. 1983.
The Economics of Life. Becker, Stanley Gary. 1998.
Ecoscam. Bailey, Ronald. 1994.
The Edge of the Alphabet. Frame, Janet. 1991.
Eerdmans’ Book of Christian Classics. Zundel, Veronica. 1985.
The Elements of Modern Philosophy. Brenner, William H.. 1989.
The elements of moral philosophy. Rachels, James. 1986.
The Elements of Style. Strunk, William. 1979.
Emma. Austen, Jane. 1996.
The Emperor. Kapuscinski, Ryszard. 1989.
The Enchanted Loom. Jastrow, Robert. 1981.
Encouraging the Artist in Yourself (Even If It’s Been a Long, Long Time). Warner, Sally. 1991.
Encyclopedia Cthulhiana. Harms, Daniel. 1994.
Encyclopedia Magica (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons), Vol. 1. Stewart, Doug. 1994.
Ender’s Game. Card, Orson. 1994.
Ender’s Shadow. Card, Orson Scott. 2000.
Endless Enemies. Kwitny, Jonathan. 1986.
Engines of Creation. Drexler, Eric. 1987.
Enlightenment through the art of basketball. Ogawa, Hirohide. 1979.
Entering Space. Zubrin, Robert. 2000.
The Entertainment Weekly Guide to the Greatest Movies Ever Made. Weekly, Entertainment. 1994.
Entropy. Rifkin, Jeremy. 1981.
The Epic of Latin America. Crow, A. John. 1992.
Equal Rites. Pratchett, Terry. 2000.
Ernie’s War. Nichols, David. 1987.
Escape from Evil. Becker, Ernest. 1985.
Escape from Freedom. Fromm, H. Erich. 1995.
Essays on Economics and Economists. Coase, H. R.. 1995.
The Essential Conan, Volume #1 (Conan the Barbarian #1-25). Thomas, Roy. 2000.
The Essential Fantastic Four Volume 1. Lee, Stan. 1998.
The Essential X-Men. Claremont, Chris. 1997.
Ethics and Strategic Defense. Lackey, Douglas P.. 1988.
The Ethics of Abortion. Baird, Ed., M. Robert. 1993.
The Ethics of Redistribution. Jouvenel, De Bertrand. 1990.
The Ethics of War and Peace. Lackey, Douglas P.. 1997.
Every Knee Shall Bow. Walter, Jess. 1996.
Every Spy a Prince. Raviv, Dan. 1991.
Everyday Creative Writing. Smith, Michael C.. 1995.
Evolution and Individual Behavior. Badcock, Christopher. 1991.
Evolution and the Myth of Creationism. Berra, Tim M.. 1990.
Evolution Extended. Barlow, Connie. 1994.
Excursions to the Far Side of the Mind. Rheingold, Howard. 1989.
The Existence of God. Hick, John, Ed.. 1964.
Existentialism. Kaufmann, Walter Arnold. 1988.
Existentialism. Lescoe, Francis J.. 1986.
Existentialism and Human Emotions (A Philosophical Library Book). Sartre, Joan Paul. 1984.
Existentialism and the Philosophical Tradition. Raymond, Diane Barsoum. 1998.
Exploding the Gene Myth. Hubbard, Ruth. 1994.
Extinction. Raup, David M.. 1992.
Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. Mackay, Charls. 1980.
Extreme Justice. Sacks, Frank. 1994.
The Eye of the World (The Wheel of Time, Book 1). Jordan, Robert. 1993.
Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems. Thurber, James. 1990.
Faces at the Bottom of the Well. Bell, Derrick A.. 1992.
Faces of the Enemy. Keen, Sam. 1991.
The Faces of the Goddess. Motz, Lotte. 1997.
The Facts of Life. Morowitz, Harold J.. 1992.
Failing at Fairness. Sadker, Myra. 1995.
The Fair Trade Fraud. Bovard, James. 1991.
Fair Use. Negativland. 1995.
Farnham’s Freehold. Heinlein, Robert A.. 1994.
The Fatal Conceit. Bartley, W. W.. 1991.
FBI on Trial. Jayko, Margaret. 1988.
Fearless Creating. Maisel, Eric. 1995.
The Federalist Papers (Bantam Classic). Hamilton, Alexander. 1989.
Feeling Your Pain. Bovard, James. 2000.
The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, Part 1). Tolkein, JRR. 2001.
Feminist. Schneir, Miriam. 1972.
Feminist in the Dark. Maio, Kathi,. 1988.
The Feminist Legacy of Karen Horney. Westkott, Marcia. 1988.
The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition (Star Trek. Behr, Steven Ira. 1995.
The Field Guide to Early Man. Lambert, David. 1988.
The Figure in the Shadows. Bellairs, John. 1993.
The File. Ash, Timothy Garton. 1998.
File Don’t Pile a Proven Filing System for Personal and Professional Use. Dorff, Pat. 1986.
Find a Quiet Corner. O’Hara, Nancy. 1995.
Finder. Bull, Emma. 1995.
Finding Facts Fast. Todd. 1979.
Finding Joy. Kasl, Charlotte Davis. 1995.
Fine Tune Your Brain. Laborde, Genie Z.. 1988.
A Fire upon the Deep. Vinge, Vernor. 2000.
Firecode. Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn. 1987.
Fireside Treasury of Light. Kelly, Mary O.. 1990.
The First Universal Nation. Wattenberg, J. Ben. 1991.
The Five Gospels. Funk, Robert Walter. 1993.
Flanagan’s Version. Flanagan, Dennis. 1989.
Flash Fiction. Thomas, James. 1992.
For Her Own Good. Ehrenreich, Barbara. 1989.
For Your Own Good. Miller, Alice. 1990.
A Forest of Kings. Schele, Linda. 1992.
Forge of the Elders. Smith, Neil L.. 2001.
Foucault’s Pendulum. Eco, Umberto. 1989.
Four Faultless Felons. Chesterton, Gilbert Keith. 1989.
Four More Years. Oliphant, Pat. 1973.
Four Screenplays of Ingmar Bergman. Bergman, Ingmar. 1989.
Four Ways of Being Human. Lisitzky, Genevieve Hellen. 1976.
Frameshift. Sawyer, Robert J.. 1998.
Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men. Foner, Eric. 1995.
Free to Choose. Friedman, Milton. 1990.
Freedom. Patterson, Orlando. 1992.
Freedom in Chains. Bovard, James. 1999.
Freeing Your Creativity. Cook, Marshall. 1995.
Freelance Writing. Casewit, Curtis W.. 1985.
Freelance Writing for Magazines and Newspapers. Yudkin, Marcia. 1993.
Fresh Fly Flavor. Freddy, 5 Fab. 1992.
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Flagg, Fannie. 1989.
Friendly Fascism. Gross, Myron Bertram. 1998.
From Freedom to Slavery. Spence, L. Gerry. 1995.
From Gaia to Selfish Genes. Barlow, Connie. 1992.
From Here to Paternity. Churchill, Jill. 1995.
From Slavery to Freedom. Franklin, John Hope. 1994.
From Socrates to Sartre. Lavine, Thelma Z.. 1985.
Full Spectrum 4. Aronica, Lou. 1994.
Future Quartet. Bova, Ben. 1995.
The Futurists.. Toffler, Alvin. 1972.
The Gaia Peace Atlas. Barnaby, Ed., Frank. 1988.
Game of Life. Leary. 1993.
Gender and the Politics of History. Scott, Joan W.. 1988.
The General in His Labyrinth. Marques, Garcia. 1990.
Generation X. Coupland, Douglas. 1992.
The Genx Reader. Rushkoff, Douglas. 1994.
George Bush’s War. Smith, Edward Jean. 1992.
Get Organized. Weiss, Donald H.. 1986.
Getting the Knack. Dunning, Stephen. 1992.
Getting to Know You. McSweeney, Jeanne. 1994.
Gift of a Letter. Stoddard, Alexandra. 1991.
A Gift to Myself. Whitfield, Charles L.. 1990.
Glimpses. Shiner, Lewis. 1995.
Global Issues 96/97 (12th Ed. Serial). Jackson, M. Robert. 1996.
Global Warming. . 1998.
Globalizing Civil Society. Korten, David C.. 1998.
The God Particle. Lederman, Leon. 1994.
The God That Failed. Crossman, Richard H.. 1982.
God, Immortality, Ethics. Lackey, Douglas P.. 1990.
The Gods of Eden. Bramley, William. 1993.
Good Books. Gilbar, Steven. 1982.
The Good Life and its Discontents. Samuelson, J. Robert. 1995.
A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories (A Harvest/Hbj Book). O’Connor, Flannery. 1977.
The Good Neighbor. Black, George. 1989.
Good News from Outer Space. Kessel, John. 1995.
The Good News Is the Bad News Is Wrong. Wattenberg, Ben. 1984.
Gorgias. Plato.. 1986.
Graphic design in America. . 1989.
The Great Brain Does It Again. Fitzgerald, Dennis John. 1976.
Great Detectives. McCullough, W. David. 1984.
Great Dialogues of Plato. Rose, W.H.D.. 1956.
Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition. Regis, Edward. 1990.
Great Political Theories. Curtis, Michael. 1987.
Great Political Theories. Curtis, Michael. 1985.
The Great Terror. Conquest, Robert. 1991.
Green Rage. Manes, Christopher. 1991.
Greening of Mars. Allaby, Michael. 1985.
The Greenpeace Book of the Nuclear Age. May, John. 1989.
The Greenpeace Guide to Anti-Environmental Organizations (The Real Story Se. Deal, Carl. 1993.
Griffin & Sabine. Bantock, Nick. 1991.
The Growth of Economic Thought. Spiegel, William Henry. 1991.
Grunts!. Gentle, Mary. 1997.
The Gulag Archipelago. Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr I.. 1992.
Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956. Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr I.. 1992.
The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956. Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr I.. 1991.
The Gulf Breeze Sightings. Walters, Ed. 1991.
The Gulf War Reader. Sifry, Micah L.. 1991.
Guns, Crime, and Freedom. LaPierre, R. Wayne. 1995.
Guns, Germs, and Steel. Diamond, Jared. 1999.
The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1). King, Stephen. 1994.
Gurps Aliens. McCubbin, Chris W.. 1991.
Gurps Alternate Earths. Hite, Kenneth. 1999.
Gurps Atomic Horror. Elliott, Paul. 1993.
GURPS Autoduel. Allston, Aaron. 1986.
Gurps Basic Set. Jackson, Steve. 1996.
Gurps Bestiary. O’Sullivan, Steffan. 2000.
GURPS Bestiary. O’Sullivan, Steffan. 1988.
Gurps Blood Types. Grate, Lane. 1995.
Gurps Castle Falkenstein. Games, Steve Jackson. 2002.
GURPS Celtic Myth. Walton, Ken. 2000.
Gurps Cliffhangers. Underhill, J. Brian. 1989.
GURPS Compendium I. Punch, Sean. 1997.
Gurps Compendium II. Punch, Sean M.. 1996.
Gurps Cyberpunk. Blankenship, Loyd. 1995.
Gurps Espionage. Kane, Thomas M.. 1992.
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