Alexa Ratings Are Crap

Today I received an e-mail from someone proposing a closer relationship between one of my web sites and a web site this person runs. The two sites cover the same topic and the other web site is far more popular than mine, so it’s not necessarily a bad idea.

But to show how popular his site was, this person included a long list of “Average traffic rankings” from Alexa.Com.

I have no idea what these are supposed to measure, but it ain’t average traffic. Compare the average traffic ranking Alexa.Com assigns to Instapundit vs. what it it assigns to my AnimalRights.Net site.

Now, I’m pretty happy that traffic on AnimalRights.Net is approaching 3,000 page views per day, but come on — Instapundit gets 10 times that much traffic most weekdays.

And yet, according to Alexa.Com, AnimalRights.Net garners a 45,889 traffic rating vs. Instapundit’s 76,274.

Maybe in some alternate universe, but not this one.

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