No Compromise's Printer Woes

The web site for the radical
pro-Animal Liberation Front magazine No Compromise recently
contained a whining screed about the difficulties in obtaining a printer
who would publish its Summer 1999 issue. Apparently they did finally find
someone willing to take on the job. As a courtesy for those of you who
do not subscribe to No Compromise, here are the titles of a
few of the articles planned for the Summer issue. You can judge for yourself
whether or not you’d agree to print the magazine:

“Smashing the Fur Trade Quickly and Efficiently.”

“Staying Safe While Fucking Shit Up”

“Simple Igniter”

“Keeping Your Mouth Shut”

“Don’t Get Caught!”

“One Hour Delayed Incendiary Device”

“Electronically Timed Incendiary Igniter”

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