Deadpool Unicorn Figure

Excellent Deadpool figure and the marketing copy is actually amusing for a change,

If Deadpool loves anything more than chimichangas and cracking wise, it’s unicorns. He really loves unicorns. Probably a little too much, truth be told. And now he can ride his very own majestic steed in our Deadpool x Unicorn Q-Fig Max Elite, available exclusively at Walmart!

Is this the most ridiculously clever, charming and expressive Deadpool collectible ever created? Yes. A thousand times, yes. The Deadpool x Unicorn Q-Fig Max Elite (so named because of its maximum eliteness) is so bright and colorful it looks like a pinata exploded in a cloud bank. But we don’t advise tasting it, because that would be weird.

From the vibrant rainbows to the whimsical inflatable stars, this piece positively screams Deadpool. Just take a look at the stars, in case you don’t believe us. They’re actually screaming. With Mr. Pool riding his buoyant and uni-horned steed (at least we didn’t say he was “horny”), this Q-Fig Max Elite is huge. We mean really big. Like hugely big or maybe bigly huge. Something like that.

Deadpool X Unicorn Figure
Deadpool X Unicorn Figure
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