Nitter is “a free and open-source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy.” It is Twitter without JavaScript, user tracking, and ads.

For privacy-minded folks, preventing JavaScript analytics and potential IP-based tracking is important, but apart from using the legacy mobile version and a VPN, it’s impossible. This is is especially relevant now that Twitter removed the ability for users to control whether their data gets sent to advertisers.

Along with the public web-based version linked to above, there is a GitHub repository with the code so that the entire front-end can be self-hosted.

Wiki Titles Singable to TMNT Themesong

Someone has set up a bot on Twitter that does nothing but tweet out Wikipedia titles that could be sung to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song.

Twitter Finally Allow Users To Use 2FA Without Enabling SMS

This took them a ridiculously long time to implement, but I guess better late than never is still a thing.

Dataset of All of Donald Trump’s Publicly Available Tweets

Havard’s Dataverse project has, among other things, a downloadable dataset of “all known publicy available tweets for Donald J. Trump’s (@realdonaldtrump) Twitter account” as a JSON file.

This data was compiled from multiple sources including several online Github accounts that contained the status ids for previous tweets made by Donald Trump. All ids were compiled into a single list and then those ids were requested from Twitter’s “statuses lookup” endpoint. Tweets deleted by Donald Trump will not be in this dataset but can be obtained from the author of this publication for a subset of the time range present in this dataset. This dataset will also include the tweet information for any retweeted tweets under the “retweeted_status” key for each JSON object. The user object has been left in each tweet (both the main tweet and retweeted / quoted tweets if they exist).