EXO-6 1/6 Scale Captain Kathryn Janeway Action Figure

Wow, this 1/6 scale version of Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager looks incredible. I love the action figure pose with the coffee cup and just the obvious attention to detail.

This figure is currently available directly from EXO-6 via pre-order and costs $189.95.

Exo-6 1/6 Scale Captain Kathryn Janeway
EXO-6 1/6 Scale Captain Kathryn Janeway
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Does Anyone Care About Star Trek: Voyager’s Finale

Oooh, according to a brief Associated Press interview/article, the actors on Star Trek: Voyager don’t know how the show will end. Will they get home? End up still lost in space?

Who cares, so long as this abominable series finally leaves the airwaves. Yes there have been 2 or 3 decent episodes of Voyager, but mostly the series seemed to exist to make the writers on Xena and Hercules look talented. Even the writers on those shows didn’t subject viewers to innumerable episodes center around a single stupid phrase: “The safety protocols on the Holodeck aren’t working [AGAIN!]”

I’m pretty much a Star Trek hater. it’s kind of pathetic when realize that the only decent Star Trek film relied on Ricardo Montalban of all people to provide a compelling villain. I tuned in weekly to note all of Data’s logical errors, and then later to jeer at the lame Bajorans (who deserved everything they got at the hands of the Cardassians, in my opinion).

But Voyager wasn’t even a challenge. Where’s the fun in mocking a show when even the principal actors and writers seem to have given up on it?