Kinnikuman Sofubi Figures

Nice sofubi figures of Kinnikuman from the eponymous manga.

The story involves Kinnikuman (real name Suguru Kinniku), a clumsy, foolish superhero who discovers that he is the missing prince of the planet Kinniku (known for producing the greatest superheroes in the universe). Since he is a clumsy fool, however, he must prove himself worthy of the throne. To do so he enters wrestling competitions and battles evil Chojin, culminating in a tournament between Kinnikuman and five pretenders to the throne: Kinnikuman Big Body, Soldier, Zebra, Mariposa and Super Phoenix. Many of Kinnikuman’s allies begin as villains (Ramenman, Buffalo Man, Ashuraman and Warsman) or arrogant heroes (Terryman, Robin Mask and Rikishiman). The heroes and villains are collectively known as Chojin, which literally means “supermen”.

Bigdai X Sofbui

X Bomber (Star Fleet in the English-speaking markets) was a 1981 Japanese marionette TV show similar to Gerry Anderson’s Supermarioniation series such as Thunderbirds. Medicom has created this incredible looking sofubi version of the series’ giant robot protagonist that was formed by combining three smaller robots.