Dark Horse’s Marvel Syroco Statues

Dark Horse makes this line of Marvel Syroco statutes that are designed to resemble resin figurines produced during the 1930s and 1940s.


Iron Man
Iron Man

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Marvel Legends Icons Waves 5 and 6

Images of Waves 5 and 6 of Hasbro’s Marvel Icons series have hit all the usual action figure websites. I dunno, these look okay in the promo pictures, but I gave up on this line a long time ago due to the absolutely awful sculpts on some of the figures (see, for example, the awful head sculpt on the Marvel Legends Icons Magneto –ugh).

Marvel Icons - Night Crawler
Marvel Legends Icons - Nightcrawler
Marvel Icons Colossus
Marvel Legends Icons - Colossus
Marvel Icons Daredevil
Marvel Legends Icons - Daredevil
Marvel Icons Daredevil Yellow Variant
Marvel Legends Icons - Daredevil Yellow Variant
Marvel Icons Phoenix
Marvel Legends Icons - Phoenix
Marvel Icons Phoenix Variant
Marvel Legends Icons - Phoenix Variant