Stalin’s Monument (Prague, Czechoslovakia)

According to Wikipedia, Stalin’s monument was a 51-foot tall granite statue honoring Joseph Stalin that was located in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

It was unveiled on 1 May 1955 after more than 5-1/2¬†years of work, and was the world’s largest representation of Stalin. The sculpture was demolished in late 1962.

This is what the monument look like for the few years before it was destroyed.

Stalin's Monument (Prague, Czechoslovakia)
Stalin’s Monument (Prague, Czechoslovakia)

Below is a photograph of the monument being blown up. Again, according to Wikipedia,

The process of de-Stalinization began shortly after the unveiling of the monument. The monument, therefore, became an increasing source of embarrassment to the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, and was taken down with 800 kilograms (1,800 lb) of explosives.

Destruction of Stalin's Monument
Destruction of Stalin’s Monument

Ukraine Tears Down Last Lenin Statue

On August 24, 1991, Ukraine officially declared its independence from the Soviet Union. In 2015, the Ukrainian parliament passed, and then-president Petro Poroshenko signed a series of decommunization laws that, among other things, called for the removal of all remaining communist monuments in the country and the renaming of places with names related to Communism.

Russian-language Radio Svoboda reports that the last monument to Vladimir Lenin in Ukraine–other than in territories currently occupied by Russian-backed separatists–had been removed.

Wikipedia notes that as of 1991, there were an estimated 5,500 monuments to Lenin in Ukraine, with 3,200 of those removed by November 2015.