Another Version of Monsterpocalypse?

Back in 2008, Mythic and Privateer Press released Monsterpocalypse as a collectible miniatures game. Then in 2018, it rebooted the game and turned it into a non-collectible miniatures game featuring unpainted minis.

Now, Monsterpocalypse is being rebooted again as a board game, this time with a Kickstarter campaign.

This time around, the miniatures are a single-color plastic to denote factions but can be painted for full effect.

Monsterpocalypse Board Game Kickstarter
Monsterpocalypse Board Game Kickstarter

Voltron Miniatures Game from Privateer Press

Privateer Press, the creators/publishers of the kaiju collectible miniatures game Monsterpocalypse, recently released a Voltron: Defender of the Universe non-collectible miniatures game. The figures are completely compatible with the Monsterpocalypse figures and rules, so you could have Voltron take on those monsters and boosters.

The Voltron game comes with 22 pre-painted miniatures, including the Voltron figure below as well as 5 Voltron Lion figures, and is about $32-$35 depending on where you buy it.

Homeland Security Held Up Monsterpocalypse Strategy Guide?

Reason Magazine reports that in July, the Department of Homeland Security delayed shipment of a quantity of Monsterpocalypse strategy guides for about a week while they gave them the once over.

Monsterpocalypse, of course, is a collectible miniatures game centered around giant monsters attacking the planet.

Overzealous idiots or a clever a dry run of the Cthulhu Contingency Plan? The world may never know.

Monsterpocalypse Figure Photos

Privateer Press has a full gallery of all of the Monsterpocalypse figures that are part of its kaiju collectible miniatures game it is planning to release in October. My only complaint is having to wait until October to get my hands on these. I especially like that apparently they’re going with a plain base — the one thing I don’t like about buying CMGs is the ugly-assed, stat-filled bases most of them are saddled with. The World of Warcraft CMG is also going to have plain bases that fit into larger stat-filled holders.

The Monsterpocalypse game is apparently divided into different factions attempting to conquer the world/wreak havoc,

The Terrasaurs

The Syndicate

The Planet Eaters

The Martian Menace


The Lords of Cthul – the inevitable Lovecraftian component. Someone needs to craft a version of Godwin’s Law along the lines of Lovecraft’s Law – given any group of fanboys, game company, comic, etc., the probability of someone swiping from Lovecraft approaches one.

Privateer Press Shows Off Monsterpocalypse Miniatures

Privateer Press hasn’t bothered to update its Monsterpocalypse website, but it was showing off its kaiju collectible miniatures line at Toyfair. This photo was taken by the good folks at Action-Figure.Com. They’ve got an entire gallery of photos of the miniatures here.

Monsterpocalypse Toy Fair Image