ALF/ELF Attack Spanish Mink Farm

The Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front took responsibility for a January 15, 2003 fire at a fur farm in Spain.

In a communique about the incident, the extremists responsible discuss how they first visited the site in 2002. Because there were dogs in the area where they wanted to firebomb, they settled for using bolt cutters to break into the area where the mink sheds were. When they entered the sheds, however, the cages were empty.

The communique continues,

Of course we returned some weeks later with a new plan. There was no wall, no fence or security strong enough to stop our determination in ending this aggression to the earth or to life.

Our second visit was a success and as we got closer to the farm we saw a group of hinds and deer gracing peacefully in the fields near the farm. We parked the vehicle in the same place as the first time and we went to Austwitch with four cans of kerosene. To get inside we used the same holes that were made the first time, we climbed the wall and we marked on it the exit holes with branches in case of possible problems. We ignited the incendiary devices and we took some photos.

A black cloud of smoke from the farm could be seen some miles away (the moon was near to full).

Whoever wrote that concludes with a flourish that the arson was “dedicated” to “the palestinian people . . . and Barry Horne.”


Spanish Mink Farm Fire – Communique! Arkangel, March 25, 2003.

In Defense of Animals Appalled at Oprah's Mink Slippers

In Defense of Animals sent to a newsletter in late January including an item expressing its outrage over Oprah Winfrey’s apparent fondness for fur,

On a recent Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah gave all of her guests a gift of mink-trimmed slippers in drawstring mink bags. Please let Oprah know that animals raised for fur are kept in miserable conditions [etc., etc.] . . .

You know when Oprah Winfrey’s handing out mink slippers, all of this nonsense from activists about the fur industry being on the run is about as accurate as everything else the animal rights movement produces.


In Defense of Animals Newsletter. In Defense of Animals, V.2, #3, January 31, 2003.

Animal Liberation Front Released Mink In Ireland

In late February the Animal Liberation Front claimed that it released as many as 1,000 mink from an fur farm in Ireland.

Una Heffernan, the owner of the fur farm, disputed that number telling the Kildare Nationalist that although activists opened cages containing more than 1,00 mink, only about 50 were missing after the owners rounded up the mink the next morning.

Of the 50 that were not in their cages and not rounded up, Heffernan said that most were either subsequently returned to the farm or had been shot.


Farmers and anglers on “mink alert” after break out. The Kildare Nationalist, February 27, 2003.

Animal Liberation Front Release 1,200 Mink from Iowa Farm

Animal Liberation Front activists broke into an Iowa fur farm early on the morning of August 18 and released more than 1,200 mink.

In an e-mail message sent to ALF spokesperson David Barbarash, the group claimed it cut a fence and emptied out animals from five sheds on the Misty Moonlight Mink Ranch, which is near Waverly, Iowa.

Farm owner Becky Demuth told the Associated Press on Monday that about 600 of the animals had been recovered, but that many had already been killed by vehicles and dogs.

In addition to releasing the mink, the ALF destroyed half of the farm’s fences, the mink pens, cut up watering hoses and damaged neighboring soybean fields (see, even the ALF would prefer we eat meat rather than soy!)

“We’re talking thousands of dollars in damage,” Demuth said. “Our family farm has truly been hit in its heart. It’s been a very sad couple of days.”

Barbarash told the Associated Press that releasing the mink gave them “a chance of freedom.” He went on to add,

A percentage will die, there’s no doubt about that. But all of them would die at the hands of the mink farmer if they weren’t released. Outside their cages, they do have a fighting chance of survival.

Yeah, because mink frequently win when taking on large vehicles and predatory animals.

Under Iowa law, anyone arrested for the mink release would face up to 10 years in jail for interfering with an animal enterprise.


Animal rights group claims they released mink from farm. Associated Press, August 19, 2002.

Activists Release Mink in Finland

Animal rights activists were the main suspects in the release of over 1,000 mink from a fur farm in western Finland in the early morning hours of Monday, July 22.

Somebody broke into the farm between midnight and 4:30 a.m. and managed to release a third of the 3,000 mink.

Finland is a major source of mink pelts, producing 2 million in 2001, and there have been a number of such animal releases over the past several years.


Activists work: more than 1,000 minks released on fur farm in western Finland. Canadian Press, July 22, 2002.

UK Fur Farms Must Close by Jan. 1, 2003

Two years ago, Great Britain passed the Fur Farming Prohibition Act 2000 which set out a procedure under which it would eventually become illegal to keep animals solely to slaughter them for fur. The actual implementation date of the act had been delayed while details were worked out regarding compensation for the 13 fur farms that were in existence when the act was passed.

Those details were finalized recently and at the end of December the government announced that all fur farms must be out of business by January 1, 2003. Currently there are only three such business left in Great Britain.

Farms forced out of business will be able to receive compensation for the government for loss of earnings and for the disruption caused in needing to find a new line of work.


Last mink fur farms must close by 2003. Paul Brown, The Guardian (London), December 28, 2001.