Animal Rights Extremists Take Credit for Cutting Fishing Nets

A group calling itself the Lobster Liberation Front took credit for the April slashing of a UK fisherman’s lobster nets.

The Southern Animal Rights Coalition posted the following message to its website from the extremists,

Avast ye!

Over the Easter Weekend, marauders from the Lobster Liberation Front took the fight to the coast once more, ensuring that the Dorset fishing industry does not forget our name.

Extensive damage was inflicted upon vast lengths of fishing nets. Our tools bit like the teeth of shark, as net after net was left shredded at our feet. To finish the effect, they were left draped across the boats.

Of course, the LLF couldn’t leave without wreaking havoc on a few unsuspecting lobster pots! The floating prisons were put out of action, never again to ensnare our marine life.

Needless to say, the scurvy dog who lurks about Kimmeridge Bay, trapping crustacean life so that they can be boiled alive and eaten, must have felt awfully sea sick when he found his equipment in the morning!

This action demonstrates that the LLF is no joke. We are here to stay, and we mean business. Those who find the cruel and merciless boiling alive of innocent life as not only acceptable, but even comical, should start looking over their shoulders.

See ye soon bilge dogs!


The nets belong to Nick Ford, 40, who told the Press Association,

They are obviously picking on small fisherman. It’s my livelihood. I’m only a one-man band trying to muddle my way through life bringing up my two children. My job happens to be that I’m a fisherman. I don’t know what they are trying to do. They say they are trying to save the lobsters but they will do more harm than good.


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