Offensive — But Funny — Religious Image

I found this image in the RSS feed of a popular atheist multi-author blog. When I went to visit the site, however, the image and its post had gone 404. Apparently someone decided it was a bit too offensive for the tone of the site. Me, I don’t have any such compunctions (plus, seriously, its meant to be funny, get over it),

PETA Ridiculed in MAD Magazine

Massachusetts-area animal rights activist Lorraine Nicotera recently posted a message to an animal rights e-mail list pushing a parody of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in this month’s Mad Magazine as some sort of publicity victory.

The actual Mad feature is a spread called “Only a true PETA nut…” which then has various endings to that sentence stem such as “…will try to reason with a mosquito,” accompanied by humorous graphics.

Rather than see this for the ridicule it is, Nicotera thinks the piece “shows that PETA and Animal Rights Activists and other organizations have gone so far into mainstream, we are even in MAD Magazine!”

Talk about wishful thinking — although I do hope that Mad continues to poke fun at the insanity that is the animal rights movement.


Only a True PETA nut . . . MAD mag. Lorraine Nicotera, e-mail communication, September 18, 2001.

Americans for Medical Progress's Take on PETA's Mad Cow Campaign

In its July 15 newsletter, Americans for Medical Progress reported a short but amusing tale of folly involving People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which is worth
repeating verbatim:

This week, after putting out a tasteless news release announcing
that a “mad cow” was going to attack a federal building in Oklahoma, PETA’s
demonstration about mad cow disease was thwarted when an important prop
got lost in shipping. The protest called for a person in a cow suit to
hit a six foot foam rubber brain with a baseball bat. Only half the brain
arrived in Tulsa. No doubt AMP News readers will come up with a fitting
closing line to this tale…

On the Lighter Side

The Onion, an online humor
magazine akin to National Lampoon only funnier, recently published a hilarious
parody of the Animal Liberation Front entitled Animal-Rights Activists
Release 71,000 Cows Into Wild
This isn’t the first time the Onion has parodied animal liberationists.
If you like the cow story check out Heroic PETA Commandos Kill 49,
Save Rabbit


Animal-rights activists release 71,000 cows into wild. The Onion.

Heroic PETA commandos kill 49, save rabbit. The Onion.