WHO Reports Polio Setback

At the same time that some countries are complaining that the polio vaccine is dangerous, the World Health Organization announced in January that new cases of polio had been discovered in two African countries where WHO had previously labeled the disease as eradicated.

Polio cases were discovered in both Benin and Cameroon in early January, apparently having spread from Nigeria. Nigeria still experiences about 300 cases of polio annually and Muslim leaders in northern Nigeria have led a local fight against the polio vaccine saying it contains hormones that are used to sterilize girls.


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UN says polio is spreading to countries where it had been eradicated. Press Release, United Nations, January 9, 2004.

Happy Voodoo Day!

Today is Voodoo Day in Benin, so Happy Voodoo Day, everyone. Lisa and I are going to celebrate by making dolls of all of our enemies who deserve to suffer in the New Year.

Voodoo Day has an interesting history. According to the BBC,

Voodoo Day was declared a national holiday in Benin more than a decade ago, under the administration of former President Nicephore Soglo.

Mr. Soglo is said to have been saved from death thanks to Voodoo powers. So in gratitude to the Voodoo community of the country, he gave them official recognition.

Take that, Constantine!


Benin readies for Voodoo Day. Karim Okanla, The BBC, January 6, 2004.