Detective Comics #219 Batmobile Diecast

From the excellent Batman Automobilia series comes a diecast version of that Batmobile featured in Detective Comics #219.

Batmobile from Detective Comics #219
According to the always authoritative,

When Batman & Robin see several known criminals driving around in old cars in Detective Comics #219, they deduce that something is about to happen and decide to investigate. Their investigation takes them to a classic car convention in the town of Millville. To keep with the spirit of the festivities – where all modern cars are forbidden – Batman temporarily replaced the¬†then-current Batmobile¬†with this car. Based on the 1905 Marmon, it featured a Bat Mask on the front, a pair of door insignias, and a large fin on the rear. Although the car performed admirably, Robin was glad to get back to their “modern” Batmobile at the end of the story.

Batman Automobilia: Dark Knight Returns Batmobile

Batman Automobilia is a bi-weekly publication/diecast figure set that features, not surprisingly, various Batman-related vehicles. They look nice, but most of the vehicles that have been produced so far are available in numerous other versions.

This crazy Batmobile tank from The Dark Knight Returns comic and animated movie is definitely an exception. Very well done.

Batman Automobilia: Dark Knight Returns Batmobile