Avengers Ass-emble: Parody of Ridiculous Sexualization of Female Characters in Comics

Artist Kevin Bolk noticed that only one character in this artist’ promo for the Avengers movie was posed such as to make her ass prominent:

And so created his own version of the image redoing all of the male characters in the Black Widow style:

Next up for Marvel: 40 Years of the Avengers DVD-ROM

The other day I was wondering what Marvel would follow-up its 40 Years of the X-Men DVD-ROM with, and it turns out my speculation was right. The latest issue of Previews has a listing for a 40 Years of The Avengers DVD-ROM that will “collect over 535 complete Avengers comics spanning September 1963 through December 2005. Scheduled to ship in April 2006.” Suggested retail price is $49.95.