Richard Dawkins: What Is the Survival Value of Human Religion?

For some reason, Big Think titled the Richard Dawkins video below “Why Religion and Evolution Don’t Mix Well” which has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the video.

Rather, Dawkins addresses a very specific question: if natural selection favors adaptations that increase the fitness of individual organisms, how does religion increase the fitness of human beings? Why does religion persist in human cultures given that its claims about reality are false?

Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s Radio and Television Shows

On June 3, 1968, Madalyn Murray O’Hair debuted her atheist-themed radio show, “Atheist Viewpoint.” Later she would start a talk show called “American Atheist Forum.”

Both were apparently relatively long lasting, but oddly very little traces of them can be found today on the Internet. A few people have uploaded odd episodes here and there to YouTube, but there doesn’t seem to be a full archive of either the radio or television show anywhere on the Internet.

It’s a shame that American Atheists, which today mixes slick web design with odd polemics, doesn’t make these available at least for the historical interest/value.