They’re Action Figures!

Okay, this was a very bizarre story that appeared on Reuters’ wire this week,

A man caught having sex with a blow-up doll in a busy public shopping arcade had to be physically parted from his rubber lover and escorted away, police in Stuttgart [Germany] say.

No word on if the man offered up as a defense that it was in fact an action figure, not a doll.


German caught having sex with doll. Reuters, September 1, 2004.

Hasbro’s Customizable Xevoz Action Figure Game

Hasbro has launched a line of action figures — Xevoz — that can be customized with interchangeable parts and then sent into battle against each other using a pretty innovative looking (if simplistic) combat system.

I’ve seen a couple of customizable action figures games (mostly collectible ones aimed at the RPG/CCG crowd) — none of which, to my knowledge, have been particuarly successful. This looks like something that might actually succeed depending on the pricing for the action figures.