Lou Dobbs and Cokie Roberts — Where Do They Find These People?

Warning: gratuitous ad hominems ahead.

I love the title of this article by CNN’s resident nativist commentator, Lou Dobbs.

The headline, “Do you takes us for fools?” echoes a question in the text of the article where Dobbs asks, “How dumb do you think all think we are?”

Frankly, every time I watch Dobbs I see him set new lows for intelligence in homo sapiens so I’m not sure there is a straightforward answer to that question.

He’s like Pat Buchanan minus the wit, which must take a lot of work.

Not that the ranks of those in favor of looser immigration lots aren’t filled with half-wits either. Cokie and Steven Roberts with the award there with this April 2006 flourish (emphasis added),

The anti-immigration forces have taken one principle, law and order (tinged with a rancid whiff of xenophobia), and elevated it over every other principle — loyalty and patriotism, charity and courage. That was the calculation behind the noxious bill that passed the House last winter, which makes it a crime to live here illegally or even to help a paperless alien.

Living here illegally might be made a crime? Perish the thought!

Of course, Cokie once stood in front a blue screen for a “live” broadcast from the White House, so she’s not exactly the brightest light bulb in the box anyway. But seriously, can’t she get anyone to edit her stuff to remove obvious nonsense like that?

Too bad they’re on different networks, or the immigration debate could really be taken up a notch by having Lou interview Cokie in front of a blue-screened image of Mexico City.


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