Hero Forge 2.0 Kickstarter

A couple years ago I bought my son a custom 3d printed miniature for his Dungeons & Dragons character from Hero Forge. Hero Forge has a very nice interface for customizing a miniature with various features, and then Shapeways does the actual 3D printing.

Hero Forge recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to allow it to begin doing custom 3D miniatures in color. So far it has raised more than $2 million in a little over two weeks.

Hero Forge 2 - Color Printed Miniatures
Hero Forge 2 – Color Printed Miniatures

3D Printing a Frame for a Lego Action Figure

io9 highlights an interesting application for 3D printing. In this case, Hero Design Studio, has created several 3D printable frames which are designed with attachment points so that Lego action figures can be built around them. That’s an extremely clever way to mix 3D printing and existing toys.


3D Printed Frame for Legos