Space Balls Fall Over Vietnam

According to the BBC, at least three metal spheres fell in northern Vietnam in early January,

The largest object weighs about 45kg (99lb) and was found near a stream in Tuyen Quang province, the Thanh Nien News website reports. Another orb landed in local resident’s garden in the neighbouring Yen Bai region, while the lightest, weighing 250g (9oz), came down on a nearby roof before rolling onto the ground, the website says. Local people reported hearing what sounded like thunder in the minutes before the objects were found.

Space Balls

Vietnamese Defense officials have determined the devices were manufactured in Russia and have some sort of use in aerospace,

Initial investigation shows that they are not explosive materials but specialized compressed air tanks of some flying devices, perhaps a launch vehicle.

The objects were produced in Russia. But it is still not known if Russia owns the objects because it is possible that they were manufactured in Russia and then sold to other countries.

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