No firm date on when, but PocketFinder is planning to release a geolocation service based around this smallish GPS receiver. The marketing materials describes the device as about the size of an Oreo cookie, with about 7 days worth of battery life. It transmits its GPS coordinates wirelessly so the location of the device can be tracked on the web through a premium monthly service.

The market PocketFinder is going after is parents and pet owners…add one of these to Fluffy’s collar and track her at any moment. Or pin one of these to your kid’s coat, and set up an alert so when the device leaves, say, your neighborhood you get a text message.

Frankly, I just want a smallish GPS recorder. I’ve got an extremely small one now, but it is still about twice the size of this. Prices are, I believe in the $120-$150 range plus a monthly service fee.


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