P2 Prologue Theme — An Update for WordPress Microblogging Platform

Lorelle VanFossen has a nice summary of the newly updated Prologue Theme, P2. Prologue is a WordPress theme that turns your WordPress blog into a Twitter-like tool for organizing groups or whatever. I have a private microblog using Prologue that I update via e-mail for stuff I want to keep track of/update that I don’t necessarily want to share with the entire world. Works like a charm.

P2 Prologue Screenshot

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7 thoughts on “P2 Prologue Theme — An Update for WordPress Microblogging Platform”

  1. Daniel — no idea. That was a month ago they announced it, so I’m not sure what the delay is. Last comment from Automattic was on March 24 saying be patient, its on its way.

  2. Great innovation, I, too, got the theme and set it up on a new blog. However the blog seems to need some enhancements, therefore I’m wondering where I could find any compliant plugins for this theme (e.g. gravatars (esp. for novice joiners), comment follow-up by e-mail, etc)


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