Enterbay’s 1/6 Scale ‘Fist of Fury’ Bruce Lee Action Figure

Enterbay will only be making 5,000 of these ‘Fist of Fury’ Bruce Lee action figures, complete with a crapload of accessories:


  • 30 cm Tall
  • 2 Supreme “BRUCE LEE ” Head Sculpts from “FIST OF FURY”
  • 3 sets of Hair style for “FIST OF FURY”
  • ENTERBAY’s Exclusive Eyeball system 360
  • 2 sets of detailed Tailor-made outfit from “FIST OF FURY”
  • BL-3 Body
  • Deluxe Diorama base made by premium wood.
  • “Chinese Sick Man” kick board (Frame made by wood)
  • 5 designs of posing hands
  • Nuncha
  • Figure Stand FS-100
  • Serial numbered Certificate card
  • ENTERBAY’s Luxury Packaging (Collectors Edition )

Each set comes with a serial number on BL-3 Body, Certificate of Authentication card, Wooden Diorama base and the Packaging box.

Enterbay is currently taking pre-orders on this figure with an MSRP of US $320.

Fists of Fury Bruce Lee Action Figure

7 thoughts on “Enterbay’s 1/6 Scale ‘Fist of Fury’ Bruce Lee Action Figure”

  1. i am surching for on action figure of bruce lee

    like the mctarelane figures?

    do you know if the excist

    greetz rick

  2. Is there such a thing as an affordably priced Bruce Lee action figure for use as a child’s toy? Everything I find online seems to be collector’s items. Where does one look for a Bruce Lee toy for a child who would love to play with it as such?

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