Xbox 360 vs. PS3 War on Metacritic

In a hilariously titled article, Fanboy Dorks Ruin Metacritic, Kotaku has the low down on an Xbox 360 vs. PS3 war going on at Metacritic. According to Kotaku,

Trouble started when LittleBigPlanet seemed to have an unusually low user rating – currently at 6.4, compared to 95% approval by ‘real’ critics.

It soon became apparent that Xbox fanboys had been posting deliberately low user ratings to spite the PS3-touting infidels. The PS3 nation was quick to respond with an equally daft Gears of War 2 review bomb that has left the Xbox shooter with an embarrassing score of 2.8 at time of posting.

UN Peacekeepers are on standby.

Frankly, I think that’s awesome, especially since these games are so well known that few if anyone is going to be fooled into thinking the low ratings are legitimate (just as the low ratings for Spore at Amazon in protest over that games ridiculous DRM likely had far less impact on game sales than did the folks who Torrented the game rather than buying it).

Maybe for election week we could have a ratings war between blue and red products at Amazon.

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