CNET Continues Its Comic Book Reign of Error

CNET continues its woeful and error-filled coverage of all-things comics with its latest story about forthcoming straight-to-DVD animated movies from DC. Following on Marvel’s success with animated Avengers and Iron Man movies, DC is getting into the game by producing its own straight-to-DVD releases.

According to CNET’s Neha Tiwari,

Batman and Superman are no strangers to the big screen, but their animated counterparts have yet to step in the limelight. This September, comic-giant DC Comics will be changing its path by releasing its first animated movie, Superman Doomsday, based on the 1993 storyline involving the man of steel.

Well yeah, I guess . . . as long as you completely ignore theatrical releases of DC properties such as 1993s animated Batman: Mask of the Phantasm or the much better Return of the Joker (especially the not-really-appropriate-for-kids uncut version).

Ah, but this is the same CNET that a couple years ago lamented that no comics company had released their back catalogs on CD or DVD, despite the fact that at the time Marvel had released several DVD-based compilations of thousands of digitized comics of several of its properties.

I guess CNET must block Google so the editors and reporters are unable to do any fact checking on this sort of stuff.

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